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HATING OLIVIA by Mark SaFranko
MSP BOOK #001 / 220 PAGES

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"Summer had made it so stifling up here on the fifth floor I could hardly breathe. I was sweating all over again and it was only seven-thirty. My hands were as crimson as boiled lobsters and still faintly burning. I leaned over and switched on my ancient, dust-coated portable electric fan. Then I closed my eyes and tried to find a dream."
[Mark SaFranko, Hating Olivia]

Hating Olivia is the story of Max Zajack. Max's life is filled with dead-end jobs and sexual and suicidal fantasies... until he meets the alluring Olivia Aphrodite. But Olivia has a dark side... one driven by the need to make ends meet. Soon she and Max descend into a downward spiral of sex, sleaze and mutual destruction...

Hating Olivia was Murder Slim Press's first release, and it condenses the ethos of The Savage Kick and Murder Slim Press into an acknowledged underground classic of confessional literature.

Dan Fante hails it as: "the kind of book - the kind of memoir - that must have been lived first. Survived. So strap yourself in. It's time for a real treat." Mark SaFranko's work is ideal for fans of great writing: the ballsy blasts of Bukowski, the savage honesty of John Fante, and the cutting visions of Henry Miller.