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LOUNGE LIZARD by Mark SaFranko
MSP BOOK #008 / 216 PAGES

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"The experience of orgasm is one of life's best jokes. The apex of ecstasy lasts for a single second...and afterwards you're worthless. If you happen to be with a woman, you want to be alone. If you're by yourself, you feel lousy. But you can't stop chasing down that climax, again and again and again."
[Mark SaFranko, Lounge Lizard]

Ronald Reagan has just been elected president, and Max Zajack can't make it out the door. Trying to recover from Olivia (Hating Olivia), Max hasn't had sex in years, has writer's block, and is mired in debt. But Max's luck changes and, as the corporate machine pulls him in, he begins meeting all kinds of women ready and willing to jump into bed with him. Money and sex are enough for any man...or are they?

Lounge Lizard is the much-anticipated sequel to Hating Olivia. Once again, it features an introduction by Dan Fante, where he recognises SaFranko as "one hardnosed, kick-ass, American original." The book's reviews confirm the novel encorporates the humour of Bukowski (Women) with the unflinching honesty of Louis-Ferdinand Celine (Journey To The End of the Night).