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STEPS by Steve Hussy
MSP BOOK #005 / 62 PAGES

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"The drink helped me stay awake, slow down the thoughts to only double and not ten-speed. Those nights without sleeping, processing everything, feeling it scream at times, inside. The weak cunt versus the sociopath. Something raising up through the battle... Someone.
"And some nights I'd sit up because I knew the sleep would never come. I'd sit and watch outside... this big tree, black outlined against the sky, swaying slightly in the wind. Then framed by the red and grey and purple of a sunrise. And I'd trace the branches to the end, trace every one, a thousand tiny ends, budding up."

[Steve Hussy, Steps]

Steps' narrator has no name, but that's the least of his problems. He faces a teaching career he sees filled with empty-headed liberals, a boarding-house full of semi-retarded grotesques, a girlfriend who can't stand kissing him... and a brain that won't let any of it rest. But maybe... maybe... there's yet another lesson for a teacher to learn.

Available exclusively in this chapbook and set before SK#1's "Tara" and SK#3's "Wilson," Steps charts the origins of Hussy's days as a college and university lecturer.
Introduced by Tony O'Neill (Digging The Vein), Steps contains the hallmarks of Hussy's work... pace, venom, and a fascination with the ugly truth.

Steps is limited to 100 copies, and it's almost sold out.