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Murder Slim Press Updates: 2017

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Hell, we've now been running Murder Slim Press for twelve years, but the six books we'll release in 2017 will be some of the best.
Also make sure not to forget about Seymour Shubin and Robert McGowan. They're two of our previous writers whose writing I love more and more each time I read 'em.
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--- It's the 16th August. Happy Bukday everyone! Celebrate by buying some more Buk books and some other books by great writers. Read. Drink. Hell, read and drink lots... but always stick to the good stuff.
--- The Savage Kick #9 is complete and is dovetailing with Blossoms and Blood for release in October. The writers included with Mark SaFranko are Drew Slagter, Jose Pep Arroyo, Wayne T. Dowdy, Benjamin Peurey, Nick Benca and Jeffrey "Bank Blogger" Frye.
Check out the cover of SK#9 here. You'll see how it links to the theme of "Convictions" - although that word has dual meanings...
--- Our comic book series Barflies starts on the 16th August. You can follow it on Murder Slim Press's Facebook page and (eventually) on Twitter. I have no idea if people will like it, but it celebrates Charles Bukowski and countless other authors.

JULY 2017
--- Mark SaFranko's Blossoms and Blood will be released in October. It's brilliant work and a transition piece between God Bless America, Dirty Work and - ultimately - Hating Olivia.
Here is the cover for B&B. The inside cover is the best I've created over the years, but you'll need to buy the book to see that.

JUNE 2017
--- The Savage Kick #8 is complete and will be released in August to accompany Saint of the City. David Noone features in the issue; along with Cathi Unsworth, Steve Hussy, Robert McGowan, Anthony Tinsman, Grant Flint and Amy Yolanda Castillo.
SK#8 is called "Confessions" and is about the nature of crime and consequences... or the rare escapes from retribution. Look at the cover here...

MAY 2017
--- Full pages for David Noone's Saint of the City are now online. The book will be released in August and here is its cover. It will turn some heads in all of the right ways.
--- Jeffrey P. Frye is in The Hole (again) and is likely getting transferred (again). We'll keep you up to date with The Bank Robber's Blog each month with stories we had in reserve. The main thing is Jeff is safe... rather than cracking safes... and his pen continues to fire out fantastic stuff.

APRIL 2017
--- A Monday Morning Boing by Jeff is essentially filth. But at least it's very funny filth with beautiful comedy timing. As even Louis C.K. admits: You can't go wrong with a fart joke.

MARCH 2017
--- "H.G. Wells once said, 'The study of Nature makes a man at last as remorseless as Nature.' Another smart guy named Nietchze also once famously said, '...if you gaze long enough into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.' Although, to my knowledge, neither one of these guys ever served a day in prison, both quotes are equally applicable to life no matter your Nature or no matter what abyss you gaze into every day." Jeffrey P. Frye looks into existentialism, something he's forced - or enforced - to do every day. The results in Gazing Into The Abyss are great, so read 'em.

--- Time for some free Java from the Chupa Chava, courtesy of Jeff in one of his funniest stories.
--- Working on six books for release in 2017: Saint of the City, The Savage Kick #8, Blossoms and Blood, Savage Kick #9, and a coupla of surprises...

--- Jeffrey P. Frye puts his positive spin on the US Election and on life in general. And, as he says, who better to comment on US Politics that a convicted bank robber? Divided We Stand welcomes in 2017.

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