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THE CAPTAIN by Seymour Shubin
MSP BOOK #024 / 230 PAGES

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"The Captain slept fitfully, kept waking from dreams he couldn’t remember. The one he finally woke from in the morning left him frightened, but he didn’t know why. He calmed down, however, when he recalled that this wasn’t unusual. Sometimes, maybe three times, this would happen in the morning after an execution.
“Soon he was fine. The two of them were gone; he had helped make the world a little better again.

[Seymour Shubin, The Captain]

Captain Hughes was once a legendary member of his local police department. But now - reduced by dementia and a family tired of him - he is left to spend his final days in a nursing home. Yet one thing still drives the Captain... the need for justice.

Seymour Shubin's The Captain won an Edgar Award for its touching depiction of elderly people wrestling with dementia. And, in addition to all its power and heart, it's one of the best page-turners you'll ever read.

Available for the first time in print in decades, The Captain is a fitting tribute to one of the finest writers in the world.