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THE HUNCH by Seymour Shubin
MSP BOOK #012 / 194 PAGES

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"He tried to...Jon, he did, he grabbed...And there was this knife. On the floor. And I stabbed...I think I killed...." He stared at her dazedly. He wanted to push her farther away from him, wanted to slap her, to punch her, thoughts that were so foreign to him. And now he heard her saying, "And I lost the knife. I dropped it getting out. Oh, Jon, I don't deserve it but help me."
[Seymour Shubin, The Hunch]

Jon Hendricks is a loving husband and father...and then a knife carves his life apart.... His wife not only has an affair, but murders the man after he threatens to reveal the truth. Can Jon hide the murder from the police and from his friends? And will his conscience allow him to protect the woman he loves?

Dave Zeltserman (Small Crimes) states in his introduction: "Seymour fills his books with genuine emotion and human touches, as well as keen psychological insights.... The Hunch is a book that will haunt you." Seymour Shubin's novel -- like so many of his books -- explores the nature of desperation. Like Voices and Witness to Myself, Shubin gives us characters racked with varying forms of guilt.

As Mark SaFranko (Loners) writes: "The Hunch is a masterpiece of economy and suspense as well as being Kafkaesque in its dissection of human guilt. But it's also a masterpiece because it has something very rare -- a beating heart. And in the end, that's what makes it not just a crime novel, but a great novel."