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THE SAVAGE KICK #1 Introduction

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The Savage Kick is a literary magazine born out of passion. We looked at print magazines and online 'zines and we saw half-assed shit. Maybe the rare decent story, but no consistancy, no vision. We can do better. We only publish the best. We will never publish anything that we don't believe in. And not just good writing... only GREAT writing.

What would be the point otherwise? The Savage Kick is simple. It is about honesty.

Having the balls to do something a little outside the box, to face something, live it and write it down. No hiding, no Shakespearean excesses, no bullshit. If you've got this far... picked up the magazine, or shelled out your money, then you must have something in you already. Probably read some of the writers we've read... hell, probably lived a little. So although the content may be shocking to some, it probably won't be to you. And that's good.

For those of you don't like this issue, then you're in the wrong place. The Savage Kick will never alter its vision. And for those of you who like it... who get it, thanks for joining us on the ride... It's great to have you on board.


Murder Slim Press