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THE ANGEL by Tommy Trantino
MSP BOOK #006 / 92 PAGES

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"what the fuck is going on here whistles sirens blowing kaleidoscopes of sound and color inside me bursting flame and my throat is filling up with smoke as i disarm this cop and knock and bash him around i have my pistol pointed at the big cop's head and a shotgun bursting out of my mouth saying to him MOVE"
[Tommy Trantino, The Angel]

Out of print for almost 30 years, Tommy Trantino’s Lock The Lock is a lost classic of authentic literature read by a precious few.

This chapbook collects the central story of Lock The Lock: "The Angel," which charts the events surrounding Trantino's arrest and conviction for the murder of two New Jersey policemen in 1963.

"The Angel" is limited to 200 copies, and - as Tony O'Neill's introduction states - may make you feel "like you have discovered the Holy Grail."