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WE ARE GLASS by u.v. ray
MSP BOOK #018 / 166 PAGES

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"In the end, the only thing worth believing in is you. But these days it's as if someone else's deadened eyes peer back at you in the dirty shaving mirror propped up on the shelf amongst the few books you carry around from place to place. You're standing on the edge of the precipice, asking the question: 'who the fuck am I?'"
[u.v. ray, We Are Glass]

Over the last 20 years u.v. ray's fiction, poetry & articles have appeared in magazines and anthologies around the globe. u.v. ray's acerbic work refuses to fit the conventions of even outsider literature. The seventeen new short stories in We Are Glass explore fuck-ups, sleaze, booze, sex and drugs... but all are also infused with u.v. ray's uniquely venomous philosophising.

Richard Godwin (Apostle Rising) introduces We Are Glass, recognising that "You are about to read a man of letters in the truest sense of the word. The things you thought were true may never have been so. Writing exists at the edge of the world as we know it... u.v. ray's voice is undeniable, and a gratifying antidote to the tastelessness that masquerades as Art."